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Injection Service 


Since 1980, customers have turned to Union Plastik for

custom injection moulding services.

We excel at managing large, complex projects. However,

we also serve small customers with growth prospects.


Our machines range in clamping force from 110 to 800 tons. Finished part weights can range from 1 grams to 1500 grams.


We are experienced in molding virtually any thermoplastic including ABS, HDPE, LDPE, polystyrene, polypropylene, polycarbonate, Nylon, AS, PVC, and HIPS.

Mould Making Service 


Our product Development expert work closely with

each of its customers. Whether it is to determine the

right design, or to create a special product for a special requirement. Dilligent attention to every detail at every stage of the production process is a well established Union Plastik hallmark.


Union Plastik has its own Workshop Centre for Mould Making

as a support for Custom Moulding. We provide Customer with advice from design to end product, From simple to complex product. Our expert will translate ideas into design and finish product.

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Machinery & Equipments


With our global reach and our experience in injection moulding,we are your primary resource in finding your

plastic injection machine requirements. We have been buying and selling injection moulding machines for over 20 years to the plastics industry.


Enjoy our technical knowledge, fast response and large inventory of quality new and used injection moulding,

blow moulding, extrusion machinery located throughout

the world. Contact us for any assistance that you may need as we answer all questions and quote requests quickly




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