Established in 1980, Union Plastik is a Plastic manufacturer

specialized in injection moulding with more than 30 years of experiences. Over the Past 18 years, the company has made a subtantial growth and has recorded a remarkable journey. The start of 4 Injection moulding machines with capacity of 80 to 150 tons, now

expanding its capacity to 800 tons with additional blow moulding machinery. 


As a support unit, the Workshop Centre for Mould Making was created in 1985 and later this division has proven to be one of the profit centre for the company.


Union Plastik produces wide range of plastic products, all designs were processed and graded to the highest standard.

Our expert knows what it takes to develop the right products to meet customer requirement. Union Plastik guarantes that all products deliver to its customer will pass through rigorous quality assurances for customer satisfaction.Our experience in injection moulding, blow moulding and mould making will ensure the highest standard in which every demand and requirement from customer will be met. 


We have the best engineers, skilled craftsment and the most experience labours. We are proud that we always be the front runner of technology. We keep our machines up to date with the modern technology which will sustained our business success.